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The other evening, when I finally had some down time from the onslaught of typing papers and preparing a verbal presentation for my courses at school, I vegetated to the couch to catch up on a few programs I had TIVO’d.  Fast forwarding through the commercials (my favorite thing to do), I noticed that Who […]

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Island Living

Ahhh… To live on a tropical island once we are married. There is nothing to do but stare into each other’s eyes and walk along the beach holding hands with warm sand oozing between our toes.  Coconut milk is in abundant supply with bananas galore.  Making love under the stars each night with the cool […]

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Ever wonder how a couple that has been through counseling and numerous marriage enrichment seminars, can still be stuck and not moving forward in their relationship?  They are doing marriage alone. This was how my marriage looked twenty years ago. Neither one of us, as followers of Jesus Christ, were willing to devote ourselves to […]

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