A Slow Fade

I heard a song this past weekend by Casting Crowns from their Altar and The Door Album called Slow Fade. The lyrics have churned through my thoughts the past several days with a sense of deep sadness. I have been compelled to pray for the marriages of many people I know. A small portion of the lyrics are:

It’s a slow fade when you give yourself away
It’s a slow fade when black and white are turned to gray
And thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid
When you give yourself away
People never crumble in a day
Daddies never crumble in a day
Families never crumble in a day

The words ring very true in the world we live in. There is so much on our daily to-do list that pulls us away from time with God.

God becomes a slow fade.

We find there is little time for quietness with our spouse. Seldom is there time to sit, talk and listen. Time to laugh and remember.

Our love becomes a slow fade.

Loneliness and frustration fills our thoughts – we deserve more. Boundaries are crossed when someone of the opposite sex compliments us. Suddenly, we are filled with a rush of excitement that someone noticed us, and we are intrigued by their attention. What was once black and white, turns to gray.

Our vows become a slow fade.

People do not leave their marriages and their families overnight. The desire, the enticement, the pulling away has been occurring in their hearts for a long time.

It is a slow fade.

I encourage you to keep your heart closely connected to God. Do not let your marriage and your family do a slow fade.

Choices are made.



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  • Jeannie

    One of my favorite songs! If you get the chance to see them in concert-they are amazing. My husband read Mark Hall’s (the lead singer) book and was reduced to tears on an airplane. This song is incredibly true. These things happen slowly. It seems like it just fell out of the big blue sky but when we take a look we can always see the “slow fade”

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