A Marriage Makeover

Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring if a major TV network had the guts to do a show called Christian Marriage Makeover? This would be revolutionary reality TV.

Here’s my thoughts on what the show might offer.

  • Different styles of prayer, worship music, and outdoor activities would be introduced to assist a couple with God connection opportunities.
  • The best marriage counselors would be available providing conflict resolution skills and build communication.
  • Both families would be flown in so all dysfunctional behaviors would be dealt with.
  • The producers would select 10 bible teaching churches in the area a couple lives and setup weekly visits; giving them an opportunity to select a church home together.
  • Weekly makeover messages from the bible would provide a couple with concrete concepts of God’s design for marriage.  And, help them discern if they are on the same page spiritually.
  • A mentor couple would be assigned for the first two years of marriage.

Couples can make a marriage look great on the outside with the beauty of their wedding day.  However, only God can do a marriage makeover on the inside.  The next steps depend on the couple.  Will they invite Christ into their hearts and their home? That’s when life-changing marriage makeovers happen.

Do you think couples would be up to the challenge?

I wonder what the ratings would be?


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